Let Hope Arise!

This Lenten season we are joining hundreds of churches across the nation and in cities around the world for the ONE WORD, ONE CHURCH, ONE LORD initiative. Here in the KC Metro area we are calling this vision ONE KC and the vision is to saturate our communities with the Good News of Jesus during the 40 days leading up to Easter Sunday (February 14-April 4th).For these 40 days we will be reading through the entire Gospel of Mark together. We invite EVERYONE to do this, whether you are a child, student, or adult of all ages.

As we are approaching the year marker of living in a pandemic, it is natural to feel discouraged, isolated, and hopeless. Yet as we kick off this series on Feb, 14th, we are encouraged and reminded of Jesus’ hope-filled words that he spoke to Bartimaeus in Mark 10, “Cheer up, stand to your feet, He is calling you.” Jesus’ saw Bartimaeus’ brokenness and healed him which would forever change his life. Jesus sees each of us. He understands the pain, the struggles and burdens we are carrying. Through this series, we are reminded that Jesus is inviting us to be renewed and transformed through a relationship with Him. Hope is not an action but is a noun. Hope is something outside us that exists and is bigger than our discouragement with what is happening in our life and world. Let’s join together allowing Jesus’ words to help us Let Hope Arise.


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