2020 04 06 Easter Drive By Communion

Drive-By Communion:

Overarching statement: This Easter we wanted to provide our COMMUNITY Covenant church family an opportunity to share in a sacred moment, a time to participate in communion and be prayed for by the pastoral staff. We believe it is important to provide this ministry to bring comfort to those of you who are missing the connections and traditions, typically found on Easter morning. COMMUNITY Covenant Church has been faithfully working with the KDHE (Kansas Department of Health and Environment) and the Lenexa Police Department to find a safe way to offer this ministry opportunity that goes above and beyond state and local guidelines and honors the safety of the individual and community. We have received approval and increased support from both organizations as they have appreciated our thorough, detailed logistics on how to provide this ministry to our community. While there is familiarity in participating in communion, this drive-by communion will feel different. We hope this opportunity will still bring meaning and value to your Easter celebration. It is imperative that all people who wish to come to this drive-by communion are willing to be compliant and follow these guidelines.

Disclaimer: While we do plan on hosting this event, we are also aware the information changes daily on safety protocols. If the situation changes, we may cancel this event per KDHE and State recommendations.

Instructions for COMMUNITY Covenant Church Members:

  1. If you have been sick, are displaying any potential symptoms (fever, cough, runny nose), or may have been exposed to someone that has been sick, DO NOT COME. This drive-by communion is ONLY available to those that are completely healthy.
  2. PRIOR to Easter Sunday, April 12, sign up for a time slot to come and participate. Time slots are every 10 minutes. Click here to sign-up for a time slot.
  3. Please bring hand sanitizer with you as you drive to the church.
  4. Once you are at the church for your designated time, please follow the cone and chalk lines. There will be a designated parking attendant who will direct you to move forward at the appropriate time.
  5. Once the designated parking attendant directs you to move forward, please pull forward to the furthest available communion station. There will be a sign and a 6’ table showing you where you need to stop. The pastor will be standing behind the 6’ table to follow social distancing protocols.
  6. Before unrolling your window, indicate on your hand how many people are in the car that will be participating in communion.
  7. The pastor will be wearing gloves and will lean across the table to place the pre-packaged communion cups on the far end of the table. While this is happening, please use hand sanitizer to wipe down your hands.
  8. Once completed, unroll your window. The pastor will spend a few minutes talking and asking for prayer concerns/requests. Because of our ten-minute time frame between communion slots, please limit conversations to 3-4 minutes. If a longer prayer time is needed, the pastor will write down your name and contact information and will follow up at a later time.
  9. Once the pastor has prayed, he or she will officiate communion giving instructions to the car to pick up communion cups on the table. After partaking in communion, please keep the communion cups and dispose of them in your own homes.
  10. Proceed to drive out of the church using the east side entrance. As you are driving away, the table will be wiped down with sanitizing wipes for the next car to safely pull forward.

You need to sign-up for Easter Sunday Drive-by Communion. Click here to choose time.