Sunday June 13th will be a big Sunday in the life of our church. Not only are we wrapping up our core values series looking at the Big Picture of God’s Kingdom, but we’ll have Nick Muroki from World Vision preaching with Pastor Tom, inviting you to step into impacting lives in a very intentional way.

Hold on! Don’t stop reading! 

I know for many of you, as soon as you read World Vision, you assume we’re asking you to walk or run, and while it’s true that we’d love for you to walk or run a Marathon or Half Marathon with us in the fall, Sunday June 13th is about something different. It’s something that doesn’t involve walking or running, but can literally change the trajectory of a life.

So, make sure you’re with us either on site or online on Sunday June 13th at 8:30am or 10:30am. You won’t want to miss it!